Handling, particularities, styles

For the customisation of a corset you can choose from four basic models:

* waist corset /waist cincher
* hourglass corset (recommended for amateurs) also available in long line design
* Stemwaist corset (due to the elongated waist this model is only recommended
   to experienced corset wearers)
* S-line corset also known as S-curve corset, straight front corset
   (takes getting used to but looks great)

The different styles, except for waist corsets, are available in underbust as well as overbust.
Over bust corsets can be tailored with plunge front but additional costs will apply
if you prefer having an underwire bra built-in.

Upon request we can add a so-called spoon busk to your corset.
Please note that all of our corset creations are lined, boned and waist-banded. All the standard models come with spine support and lace protection.
Strapless corsets can be fashioned with detachable ruched or lace trimmed suspender belts.

We can guarantee you that every handcrafted corset as well as the corresponding custom clothes meet the highest quality standards.

Available fabrics

- particularly solid corset materials are available in different designs (Jacquard cotton)
- brocade fabrics, China brocade (55% silk, 45% rayon)
- atlas, satin
- polyester and rayon
- velvet (cotton)
- leather (lamb nappa, horse nappa, Japanese cow leather) – additional leathers available upon request
- high-gloss patent leather (leatherette)
- lining (drill 100% cotton)


- corset clasps : parallel, tapered, or spoon shaped (all in stainless steel)
- busks (stainless steel), available in different widths and thicknesses
- eyelets (two-part eyelets) 4 or 5 mm diameter
  (Please note : these materials can be nickelous)
- corset bones (7 or 10 mm wide, spring steel, plastic-coated)
- corset spirals in different widths (stainless steel, spring steel – galvanised)
- corset laces (choice of cotton or polyester)
- velvets, plugs and hooks


For proper cleaning of the corsets I recommend dry cleaning. It is more expensive than traditional cleansing, but a well-designed corset is always worth the expenses. As alternative option to dry cleaning you can also GENTLY hand wash the corset depending on what fabrics it is made of.
Please never machine-wash or tumble dry, this could completely ruin the beautiful piece.
Always have it dry cleaned if it is made of leather.